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May God's great gift of peace fill your life.  Thank you for stopping at our web site.  We look forward to sharing with you the information that follows.  Please take a moment to scan our mission statement and activities.  We are quite sure that you will enjoy what our parish offers.  If so, do join us.  We would love to meet you.  If there is some item, program, or insight that you wish to add, please let us know. 

Welcome to Saint Joseph Parish, Medford!

     Fr. Ed Doughty
   Fr. John Swencki
                                                          Fr. Paul Sullivan


Mission Statement

St. Joseph Parish is a eucharistic community united and nourished by God's love.  In response to Christ's call through His Church, we seek to increase our sensitivity to God's healing presence in our lives and to reach out to others with compassion and justice.  We strive in word and action to live the Gospel message by ministering to one another through prayer, friendship, celebration, and service.


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